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about us

Baltec Australia is an air pollution control company specialising in electrostatic precipitators and their application in industrial processes to control particulate emissions. We offer a wide variety of professional services and quality products to meet the gas cleaning needs of our clients. These services include Project Management and Supervision, Technical Training Courses, Online and Offline Performance Audit, Modelling and, assistance with Pre Maintenance Inspection.

Since our establishment in 1997, we have executed projects in the:

power generation industry
cement manufacture industry
mining industry
mineral processing industry

and we are proud to have helped many major companies in these industries.

For our customers, Baltec Australia is dedicated to quality service by:

Utilising our expertise with over 40 combined years of experience in air pollution control.
Continuously researching new technologies and systems.
Being flexible and understanding our customers' needs for urgent action at any hour or day.
Providing long term support for all products manufactured by us (minimum 10 years).
Offering extended hour access to customer preferred contact or technical staff.